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Employment Advisors

 Fair Work, Industrial & Human Rights Tribunal Advocacy & Consulting

Welcome – Employment Advisors are industrial relations consultants that operate throughout Australia. We support employers, employees and contractors achieve their goals from our South-East Queensland locations, with premises both in Brisbane and Gold Coast and meeting space on the Sunshine Coast.

The team at Employment Advisors are not lawyers, and proudly so. We work with and against lawyers all the time. Our strength comes from knowing their game, and knowing the Fair Work framework intimately.

We also bring a philosophy of open mindedness. We are not for one side or the other and never, ever, will be. Whether you are an employer, employee, principal contractor, contractor or sole trader, if we can support you, we will. Knowing all sides makes us efficient, effective and we don’t miss something because of some ideology because we favour one side or the other.

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Employment Advisors can help you get through this

Employment Advisors can help you get through this

Fair Work Commission or Human Rights Claims

Most people come to Employment Advisors as industrial relations consultants because they have an immediate problem such as the dismissal of an employee, contractor dispute or another sort of claim being made or threatened under the Fair Work Act, including over General Protections (Adverse Actions) or an underpayment of wages.

This means we are able to respond quickly and with some smarts, to ensure your legal position is protected in the first instance and then to allow time for you to consider the best strategy to help you get resolution, however you define it.

Whether you are bringing or defending litigation, we will help you win, whether you want to see it through to trial or something more pragmatic. Our job is to give you clear advice on the suite of options available. And make no mistake, while you might feel you are out of options, we will help you make empowered decisions including if it comes down to a win or lose proposition.

First and foremost we are consultants, which means we are able to talk to you about the range of factors that arise from litigation, including understanding the human, commercial and social costs to litigation and so we will give you advice on all of it. Therefore we do not and never will have litigation as a commercial imperative of operating, allowing us to give you free and frank advice in your best interest, considering all of your interests.

To learn more about our litigation services, click here.

Employment Advisors Workplace Investigations get to the truth

Employment Advisors Workplace Investigations get to the truth

Workplace Investigations

Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and the consequence of acting could play out over years and be very expensive. Our independent investigation unit can help get to the bottom of the issue and then separately we can advise on how rough the waters are going to get so you can make an informed decision.


Beyond the immediacy of industrial activity and investigations, we offer a series of strategic services, including assisting organisations with workplace design, IR strategy, investigations and labour engagement arrangements. You can learn more about those here.


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