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What is an Unfair Dismissal?

Sometimes it is not OK for you to be sacked, and sometimes and employee may challenge a fair dismissal claiming it is unfair. To make matters worse, the amount of headcount of staff, and how long the person has been employed also play a part. Further still, what worker earns can add a dimension.

For those reasons an employer should know both the laws and apply these complexities to the case at hand. This is not only difficult but is often hard when the cut and thrust of business pressures are there. A dispassionate eye should be there and that is where Employment Advisors excel.

Equally an employee that has not been effectively performance managed and been dismissed without good reason, or prematurely if the performance process was rushed or ill conceived, then you are not only not alone, but we can forthrightly advance this both with the employer directly or with the Fair Work Commission, or its state-based equivalents as the case may be.

However not every employee automatically qualifies for an unfair dismissal claim. Call Employment Advisors to find out. But strict time frames apply, so do not delay.

If you have been sacked, or considering terminating an employee, and this is linked to potential discrimination or because a workplace right has been exercised, this may be unlawful dismissal, which brings uncapped remedies and individuals can be taken to court as well as the employer. Learn more here.

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