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Employment Advisors operate throughout Australia supporting employers, employees and contractors to achieve their workplace relations goals from our South-East Queensland locations, with premises both in Brisbane and Gold Coast and meeting space on the Sunshine Coast.

Our Approach: When we represent you, it is for keeps

We don’t save goodwill with an opponent for the next customer, which unions often have to do because they have to deal with the same employer representatives. So even when individual representations happen, unions often have an eye on the collective bargaining as well.

That is not our way. When we support you, we support you. And if that leaves the other side, broken, possibly even bankrupt, and reputation in tatters, well then they should have thought about that before taking you on. Boo hoo for them. That said, brutal litigation often leaves collateral damage closer to home and it is our responsibility to give you a clear lie of the land ahead, irrespective of the strategies being considered.

Our Approach: We are Open-Minded & Unshockable

Employment Advisors believe deeply in the philosophy of open mindedness. Whatever you problem, whatever the business. From serious allegations of sexual harassment, misappropriation of funds to under-performing allegations, we have seen it all. Some of our clients wear suits and ties and others footy shorts. From single mums being duped when returning from maternity leave to multinational corporations looking at redundancies, to “colourful business identities”, we have seen nearly everything. Our team at Employment Advisors perform our best by being ourselves and respecting diversity. So be comfortable being yourself.

Our Approach: We are Consultants and Strategists, not lawyers. Proudly so.

Employment Advisors’ team of industrial relations consultants are not lawyers, and proudly so. We work with and against lawyers all the time. Our strength comes from knowing their game, and knowing the Fair Work framework intimately. The hitherto forthwiths can be left for the suits in their marble floored boardrooms as we deal in workplaces not courtrooms.

Our Approach: We Represent all Sides and Always Will

We are not for exclusively representing one side or the other and never, ever, will be. Whether you are an employer, employee, principal contractor, contractor or sole trader, if we can support you, we will. Knowing all sides makes us efficient, effective and we don’t miss something because of some ideology coming from favouring one side or the other.

The heart of what we do is in supporting you in solving an industrial relations problem though effective communication and strategy with those you are in dispute with, while at the same time guiding you through the commercial and personal realities that come with litigation or protracted disputation. Whether an employee or representative of an employer, these matters are often very personal, making them confronting.

Our Approach: Engagement with experts

In implementing the strategy, it may be necessary for us to partner with lawyers including counsel, accountants, executive coaches, human resources professionals and even public relations representatives or journalists, to make sure your case is fully supported. Our task is simple: To help you achieve you goals, however friendly or aggressively we must conduct ourselves to make that happen and whether one on one or flanked by a team of experts.

Our Approach: Fixed Price Billing Wherever Possible

Our job is to help you achieve the best possible outcome once you have prioritised what is important to you. Sometimes that means taking a matter to trial, other times it means early resolution and anything in between. Our promise to you is to support your decision making and execute your instructions, or the preferred strategy we advocate, with professionalism and efficiency.

We don’t want to earn one cent from an inefficient process and so wherever possible will give you a fixed fee quotation, so no more hourly billing. Where allowable at law, we are also happy to negotiate success fees, although some jurisdictions do prevent this.

We take major credit cards, direct debit and also pre-paid vouchers for individuals (or organisations that are not credit assessed). Our flexible and staged payment arrangements allow for varying degrees of support, including helping self-represented people head in the right direction, for the budget conscious.

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